Delicates Laundry Bag


Protect delicates and your washing machine with these premium wash bags. Perfect for washing your pet’s plush toys, clothing, and our dog snood. Prefer to use it for your own delicates? No problem! Each bag holds up to four unpadded DD-Cup bras and can also be used to wash underwear, socks, and pantyhose. Plus, you get TWO of these laundry mesh bags for delicates in this 2-pack set.

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So what makes our laundry wash bag different from the rest? They are eco-friendly, made of recycled polyester. The use of recycled materials protects the environment by reducing the need for new raw materials. Textile or non-textile reusable materials, such as PET plastic bottles and old clothing, are processed into polyester fibers which are used to make our laundry bags for delicates.

Premium Material: Our laundry wash bag is made of fine mesh material. They are softly padded to protect your various delicates.
X-Large Size: 7 inch diameter, 3 inch height. Wash multiple items at the same time!
Safeguard Your Laundry: And there is an additional layer of protection. Our delicates wash bag has a zipper cover that keeps your washing machine and clothing safe from damage. No scratches inside of your machine and no snagged clothing in your wash.
Eco-Friendly: Our wash bags are made of recycled polyester. Pretty neat, huh?